Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Outdated Blog 1 (6th December)

In Short - I arrived - what follows below are the ramblings of a bored man at different Airport Terminals across the globe...


Well, I made it. 4 Flights and an 8 hour car trip over 53 hours can be quite tiring, (especially when a bit of extra cash could have halved the total travel time) but this is definitely the fun way to do things.

I got to escape the transfer lounge at Singapore and explore the city for a few hours, what an incredible place, more Christmas lights in one street than all of Sydney combined! A big thanks to Lucy and Josephine from work who served as my travel guides, telling me everything I needed to know before I got there.

Also when you are used to cityrail, the MRT makes you feel like you are in a futuristic society. Services every two minutes, carriages stopping to the exact centimetre that they are supposed to, and to think I pay more for a student return trip from Pennant Hills to Central than I did from Changi Airport to the city and back.

From there, I ventured on to Chennai. Indian customs is an interesting place, you’re never quite sure if you are going to be greeted by the friendliest smile you have ever come across or the snarl of a 48 year old bloke who hates his job and is just finishing a 10 hour shift. I was closer to the second experience as my kind concierge was incredibly frustrated at my lack of understanding of the Indian immigration process.

From then, I had to find my luggage and get to the domestic terminal so I didn’t miss my flight to Bangalore, sound rushed? Well no, I had a good 8 hours to complete those two tasks, so I thought, then just as I was observing the plans for the upgrade of Chennai Airport, I was whisked away by an airline official who gave me a personal escort through security in order to get me on an earlier flight, I hadn’t asked for it, however it wasn’t a bad thing to happen at all, somehow though, the rush to get it all done seemed to just accentuate the monotonous nature of the elongated trip.

At the end of the day though, I made it to Bangalore and found my taxi Driver Shankar and we drove and slept through the night in order to arrive at the Hebron School. 

Thank God for my safe travel, and that I have all my baggage still (the travel review sites for Air India seem to suggest that God was working very hard for that to happen)

Thank God that despite the ordinary travel itinerary I planned that I’m not too tired

Ask God that the kids at the School will be welcoming

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  1. LOL. Good to see you are getting a bit of enjoyment out of the journey up there.