Pray For Me

I will endeavour to keep this page updated with all my Prayer Points to date. As much as I would love you to follow the whole blog, it would be great if you could keep an eye on this page and join me as I commit this trip to God in prayer.

Prayer Points from Blog 15 (added 26/1/2011)
  • Thank God for safe travel
  • Thank God for the powerful way that he worked at impaKCt (St Pauls Castle Hill's youth camp) this week
  • Ask God to continue watching over me and protecting me in India

Prayer Points from Blog 14 (added 20/1/2011)
  • Praise God for being faithful
  • Thank God for my time in Mumbai
  • Thank God for the people I met
  • Ask God that progress will continue to be made with the Mumbai Indians
  • Ask God for a refreshing break in Pune
  • Ask God for safe travel to Ooty 

Prayer Points from Blog 8 (added 25/12/2010)

  • Praise God for being a provider to so many in India
  • Thank God for the musical gifts he has given the Gospel Fusion Band
  • Thank God that they are using those gifts to glorify God
  • Thank God for the powerful work he did and continues to do through their pianist
  • Thank God for the success that was Aagaman
  • Ask God that those who gave their life to him at the service will grow in their new faith
  • Ask God that I will get the chance to meet with someone from the Mumbai Indians
  • Ask God that he will give me courage to boldly represent a Christian organisation in front of an Indian Sporting Club
  • Ask God that he will give me the words to say to them
  • Ask God that they might be generous in their response

Prayer Points from Blog 7 (added 23/12/2010)

  • Praise God for being AMAZING!
  • Thank God for the work of Vision Rescue
  • Thank God for giving me the opportunity to work with them
  • Thank God for the growth in local Mumbai Churches
  • Thank God that the Christmas program will be a success
  • Thank God that I have been able to find consistent internet
  • Ask God that I might be able to help VR in their sport ministry
  • Ask God that everyone worldwide will remember the true meaning of Christmas

Prayer Points from Blog 6 (added 19/12/2010)

  • Praise God for being so generous
  • Thank God for my safety during travel
  • Thank God for the comfort that he is when I have no idea whats going on
  • Thank God for the opportunity I have with Vision Rescue
  • Ask God that my work with Vision Rescue might be helpful to them
  • Ask God that I will rely on him through all times – especially when things are going according to my plans

Prayer Points from Blogs 1 & 2 (added 7/12/2010)

  • Thank God for my safe travel, and that I have all my baggage still (the travel review sites for Air India seem to suggest that God was working very hard for that to happen)
  • Thank God that despite the ordinary travel itinerary I planned that I’m not too tired
  • Thank God for the time I was able to spend with the kids over the last couple of days and the bonds which we started to create
  • Thank God for the provision of internet and mobile phone access
  • Ask God that I will be able to work out my travel plans to Mumbai and surrounding areas

General Prayer Points (19/11/2010)
  • Praise God for his heart for the nations
  • Thank him for this opportunity
  • Ask for safe travel on my way over there and any travel I do internally within India
  • Ask that any sicknesses I do get won’t be too bad