Thursday, November 18, 2010

All stations are go

Dear one and all,

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and whilst I may have stolen the Indian marketing slogan, I hope that those who are eager to keep track of my whereabouts and uptowhats will find this area of the World Wide Web useful in the coming months.

Despite a few hiccups with flight cancellations and re-bookings, its all sorted for my departure on the 4th December. It will be good to be out of the country while Australia fail to regain the Ashes (hope not). The mammoth 35 hour journey to get to the school in Ooty begins at 8am on the first Saturday in December, with a stopover in Singapore part of the reasoning for the extended period between departure and arrival.

A little bit of extra navigation around this page will hopefully get you a grasp of whats happening.

General Prayer Points for the trip

Praise God for his heart for the nations

Thank him for this opportunity

Ask for safe travel on my way over there and any travel I do internally within India

Ask that any sicknesses I do get won’t be too bad

Thanks heaps for your support!!