Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rickshaw Renegade

I wanted to share with you the joys of Indian roads as these are not a place for the faint hearted. As far as I can work out, if you are a Rickshaw driver, the rules to follow are…

         (1)    Stay away from the middle of the road if possible. Footpaths, gutters and doorsteps are much better passageways.

         (2)    Use the horn at all times. The traffic will move faster from the traffic lights if you join the other 40 vehicles in blasting a monstrous melody from your 3-wheeled taxi.

         (3)    A foreigner is a great chance to make extra cash, always overstate the charge by at least 50% if your passenger is not Indian.

Rather than just posting random snippets of driving, I thought I would spice things up for you and create a non-interactive video game for you to enjoy. Any game reviews are more than welcome, and future episodes are very possible if requested. I hope you enjoy episode 1.

I am still chasing the Mumbai Indians, I have been informed by the BCCI and the Mumbai CA that they have no phone number, so I will push on with my investigative prowess and track them down somehow. Please keep praying for this!

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