Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the Road Again

I wasn’t in a car/bus/other road going vehicle (so I’m not sure how appropriate it is to say I was on the road again), however I reignited my love affair with Indian trains to venture from Pune (pronounced Poo-Nah) to Coimbatore where I jumped in a taxi for the onward journey to Ooty.

My time in Pune was a refreshing break, as it was the first time during the journey that I have been free to do whatever I pleased. A couple of my uni friends hosted me for the week and it gave me a great insight into how a middle-class indian household operates. India has a huge middle class population and so the thought that India is all slums and poverty stricken families is incredibly misleading - In the words of Mr Yeole ‘Slumdog Millionaire has done this country a great disservice’.

I would love to have spent longer in Pune as it was a time of great fun, however I must head back to Ooty and the Hebron school where plenty of good times a promised to be had. Rickshaw Renegade v3.0 should be posted in the next couple of days.

Prayer Points
Thank God for safe travel
Thank God for the powerful way that he worked at impaKCt (St Pauls Castle Hill's youth camp) this week
Ask God to continue watching over me and protecting me in India

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